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Weekend Wogan
Written by PP Arnold   
26 Aug, 2013
Sir Terry Wogan and I yesterday. If you missed my "live" 'unplugged' acoustic session you can still catch it at:
You can go to my FB page to see 'nice' photos :)

PP on Weekend with Wogan
Written by PP Arnold   
21 Aug, 2013
Great start to our campaign. The wonderful PP Arnold will be flying into London at the weekend to perform her new single "Beautiful Song" and 'The First Cut Is The Deepest' on Radio 2's Terry Wogan show. She'll be chatting with Terry about her career and about the new single and her involvement with the Band Of Sisters "Issues" CD. It's live on this Sunday morning Aug. 25. Tune in and you can listen with the other 3,000,00+ people.
New PP Arnold Single "Beautiful Song"
Written by PP Arnold   
21 Aug, 2013
The wonderful PP Arnold is s true Legend. Her track from the 'Issues' album will be the first released as a single. Beautiful Song will be available on October 7th.

Band Of Sisters on Facebook
Written by PP Arnold   
21 Aug, 2013
Issues by the Band Of Sisters is on Facebook

A series by David Mindel, ISSUES by THE BAND OF SISTERS comprises sixteen songs, by women, about women, for women, but very much intending to appeal to men also.
Band Of Sisters at The Pheasantry
Written by PP Arnold   
21 Aug, 2013
The Band Of Sisters will be playing 2 promotional gigs at "The Pheasantry" in Chelsea on October 11-12.
Along with PP Arnold, Mandy Bell, Lynda Hayes, Monica Ward, Mim Grey and Kim Alvord will be among the Sisters performing. More confirmations to come.

The band will be Ray Russell-guitar
David Mindel-guitar
Ralph Salmins-Drums
Steve Pearce-Bass
Jim Watson-Keyboards
Don Gould-Keyboards

Not to be missed 11th october  12th october

Band Of Sisters "Issues" Web-site
Written by PP Arnold   
21 Aug, 2013
The Band of Sisters is an idea by David Mindel bringing together his favourite female vocalists of all time, legends such as PP Arnold, Mim Grey, Tessa Niles, Alison Joy Williams the list goes on and on…’Issues’ is an album featuring the singers…and the Pheasantry has been chosen for two nights on launch week of the album.
The singers: Tessa Niles; Lynda Hayes; Mim Grey; Miriam Stockley; Stevie Lange; Alissa Moreno; Leigh Matty; PP Arnold; Mandy Bell; Jacqi Michaels; Tor Richards; Angela Kaset; Kim Alvord; Monica Ward; Alison Joy Williams.
A joy to watch, this will be one of the best nights for Live music in London , this talent is amazing!

Artist Website:
Seven Psychopaths
01 Nov, 2012
I am delighted to be able to announce that my version of "The First Cut Is The Deepest" is included in the soundtrack of a new movie, "Seven Psychopaths" with Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Tom Waits and many others...
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