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The Journey 1980-1990

Poppa and BelleWhile in the States she appeared in several TV drama series such as Quincy, Knots Landing, Fame,  St. Elsewhere, Father Murphy and American bandstand with John Mellencamp. It was Christmas 1982 that Pat returned to England and the first project she was involved with was with David Hines and Steel Pulse on their Earth Crisis album. In 1984 Pat returned to the theatre playing the part of Belle the sleeping car in the original cast of the Lloyd Webber musical Starlight Express. The show was and still is, sixteen years later, a smash success.

A Little PainIt was at this time that she signed with 10 Records, a subsidiary of THE  COMIC STRIP Virgin Records and worked with The Walsh Brothers, Pete and Greg, unreleased tracks, A Little Pain and Smile produced by Dexter Wansell of Philly International fame with Carl McIntosh and Steve Nichols of Loose Ends, Boy George and Don Was on the Electric Dreams soundtrack, The Comic Strip with Robbie Coltrane and Adrian Edmondson, Another soundtrack for the Virgin film, The Inside Man and Sade' producer Robin Miller. After leaving Starlight Express, Pat embarked on a world tour with soul crooner, Billy Ocean. Three weeks before the tour began and tragedy struck again. Pat was injured in a car accident. Both of her vasus lateris muscles in both thighs were split in two. 

Burn It Up promo shotAfter ten weeks in the USA and Japan she was forced to leave the tour due to injuries that she incurred in the accident. Unable to perform live and without a record deal she survived that very painful period by recording TV jingles.  This turned into quite a successful period with campaigns for Levi jeans, Coca Cola, Peugeot 405 cars, Alton Towers and Marathon chocolate bars just to mention a few. Pats jingle career led to her association with the Beatmasters who were a jingle production team. Pat had now moved into the Dance Music market and collaborated and recorded the hit single 3 Burn it Up which shot to Number 12 in the National Charts.

Dynamite Promo ShotThis success found her back on Top of the Pops for  two weeks in succession. In the 80's Pat formed her own production company Full Circle Productions and wrote and recorded a single, Dynamite, with Tina Turner's keyboard man Kenny Moore. It didn't chart but was a big hit on the underground Dance scene. Other collaborations with KLF, 3 A.M. Eternal and Altern 8 were successful but PP was unhappy with the glorified session singer identity that came with these type of projects and unable to secure a deal for herself she embraced the theatre once again and played Ena in a musical workshop of Sweet Lorraine in Oxford.


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