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The Journey 1990-2000

Once On This Island From there she starred in the 1994 Olivier Best Musical Award production of Once On This Island, playing the part of Erzulie the Goddess of Love. It was while this production was in Birmingham before coming to London's West End that she first met Ocean Colour Scene.

Pats days with Immediate Records and her close relationship with The Small Faces seemed to unlock a lot of doors for her with the young mod bands of the mid 90's. She jammed with Ocean Colour Scene at the launch of Paolo Hewitt's Small Faces book and pretty soon afterwards was asked to contribute a track for a Small Faces tribute album. PP recorded Understanding, with Primal Scream and it turned out to be the stand out track on the long player. 

Songwriter's CafeIn the Spring of 1997 Pat was working with Ocean Colour Scene on their forthcoming album Marching Already and she sang a duet with Simon Fowler on the hit single, Its A Beautiful Thing. Suddenly Pat was very high profile again with TV appearances on Top of The Pops (again), Chris Evans TFI Friday and Later With Jools Holland. PPandCraddockPP toured the USA and the UK with Ocean Colour Scene in late 1996 and 1997 and the future looked increasingly bright as Pat was preparing for her first solo album in 25 years to be produced by Steve Craddock. She released a fine single Different Drum, a song written by ex - Monkee Mike Nesmith and did major radio and TV promotion on the record which included TFI Friday, a live VH1 unplugged show and a Doctor Rock Small Faces Special with Kenny Jones and Stanley Unwin. Despite all this, the single failed toDifferent Drum chart and the proposed solo album didn't materialise. The postponement of the solo album frustrated Pat and made her realise that if her solo career was to be regenerated she would have to take responsibility for it herself and the best way to do that, without a record deal, would be to put a live band together to showcase her new original material.

Jazz CafeEarly in 1999 Pat and ex Ian Dury sidekick Chas Jankel put together The Band Of Angels, a superb 9 piece band and played 2 gigs at London's Jazz Cafe to sell out crowds. These successful gigs really encouraged Pat and showed her that people really do care about real live soul music and that she still had many loyal fans. The new material is really potent and one number in particular a great new Chip Taylor song, Break These Chains, really is single material. 1999 turned out to be a very eventful year.


Live at the Ruskin Arms Pat made a appearance at the Small Faces Convention and wowed the audience with Break These Chains. One fan who was there sums the moment up - “I’ve got to get hold of a copy of “Break These Chains”. When Pat sang it at the Ruskin Arms I was amazed and so were the whole audience. We were in stunned silence. I can’t find words to describe how emotional it made me feel.”


Pat undertook her first tour with Roger Waters and it is clear from the following comments she immediately made a big impression with the fans:

The song's highlight was PP's moving lead vocals elevating the evening to new heights.

Pat and Katy 1999 Perfect Sense I had incredible vocal performances by both Roger and P.P. Arnold.

Great performance also from the lovely backing vocalists; PP Arnold has an awesome voice (we already knew Katie Kissoon did!).

But as I sit here at work (i work in a music library) and listen to Amused to Death, I am vividly reminded of Perfect Sense pts. 1 & 2. It was one of those moments when the band and the audience were bang on. When she took over her part, the back up singer, PP Arnold, brought the place to it's feet with her fiercely controlled delivery of "And the Germans killed the Jews and the Jews killed the Arabs . . .", it was just so perfect and cut right to the bone. I cannot put it into words but my eyes water with the memory of how excited everyone from audience to band members to Waters were. Cool, very cool.

My favorite song from the show is "Perfect Sense Part I" because of the P.P. Arnold vocals at the end of the song, she did a great performance and the crowd had applause a lot.

I don't know their names but if they're not the ladies from the "Amused to Death" album, they sound just like them. The singer who did the solo part on "Perfect Sense" was incredible. Why not let her have a crack at "Great Gig", Rog?

PERFECT SENCE was the greatest live moment in any show I have ever seen PATTI you were really on and the twenty thousand there thanks you kindly for we were whiteness to the greatest display of vocal talent that the tweeter center may ever see.

P.P. Arnold's vocals were awesome

P.P. Arnold brought the house down with her solo in "Perfect Sense."

P.P. Arnold has a phenomenal voice.

P.P. Arnold gave us a couple tastes of her incredible vocal talents.

During "Perfect Sense", one of four songs from "Amused to Death" they played, singer P.P.Arnold revised her solo from the album in stunning fashion.

P.P. Arnold's solos blew the crowd away, especially in "Perfect Sense Pt. II".


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