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The Music 1990-2000


1998 LPCCS819 The First Cut  Castle Communications
1998 45MCS40173 Different Drum/Different Drum (Strung Up) MCA Universal


1990 Beatmasters  Anywayawanna vocals
1990  KLF 3 A.M Eternal (US)  vocals
1991 KLF MU  
1991 KLF White Room vocals(bkgr)
1991 Nina Hagen Street vocals(bkgr)
1991 KLF America: What Time Is Love?  
1992 Roger Waters            Amused To Death vocals
1992 Graham Parker Burning Questions vocals(bkgr)
1992 EMF Stigma vocals(bkgr)
1993 Stars Of British Rock Stars Of British Rock  
1994 Steve Marriott 30 Seconds To Midnight vocals
1996 Graham Parker No Holding Back vocals
1997 Ocean Colour Scene Marchin' Already vocals


1990 KLF, '3am Eternal', White Room Album, Entire Mu Mu Choir
1991 Altern 8, 'Evaporate'
1992 Roger Waters, Amused to Death, ' Perfect Sense'
1996 Primal Scream, Small Faces Tribute Album, 'Understanding'

Ocean Colour Scene, Marching Already, 'A Beautiful Thing"

 1999   Steve Howe, Portraits Of Bob Dylan, "Well, Well, Well"


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