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The Journey 2000-2010

Pat is a Soul survivor who has made many contributions to the music industry over the last 40 years. Due to the exposure she has received as a vocalist in the Roger Waters band and her own faith, will power and determination she is once again emerging as a solo artist. Hopefully the many new projects she is involved with will finally get her the recognition she so richly deserves.


Pat once again toured as part of Roger Waters band. The Dark Side Of the Moon tour began it's European leg in June and the US/Canadian leg started in September.

Gered Makowitz Promo 2006 At the start of May Pat joined forces with Dr Robert (formerly of The Blow Monkeys) to begin recordings for an album to be released early next year. It is Blues/Gospel/Soul with a little bit of Punk Fusion. Watch this space for release information and promotion dates.

Earlier in the year Pat recorded a duet of First Cut Is The Deepest with Lee Ryan of Blue fame. Lee was delighted to be able to record with the original artist who made the song a classic.


Pat. Mollie and MannonPat w/ Paul Hooper-Keeley and John HellierAfter  the tragic Boxing Day tsunami 2005 began   with Pat, and fellow band members Katy Kissoon and Carol Kenyon, joining Roger Waters and Eric Clapton for an NBC Tsunami Appeal in the US. In the UK she participated in the Mod Aid single What’Cha Gonna Do About It along with Ronnie Wood, Steve Craddock, Billy Nichols, Reg  Presley, David Cairns and Iain Page, Mark  Joseph and others. Mod AidA particular highlight of the sessions was seeing Mollie Marriott (long time and sadly missed friend Steve’s daughter) again and hearing her record a brilliant version of Afterglow the song her dad wrote. Released on Paul Hooper-Keeley’s Biffbangpow label all proceeds went to the Tsunami Earthquake Appeal and Band Aid 20.

Most of 2005 was spent working on her epic autobiography. This is the tale of Pat’s musical and personal journey from her roots in Watts, Los Angeles, through her time on the Chit’lin Circuit with Ike and Tina Turner to her solo success in the Pop/Rock revolution of 60’s London. It then continues through her roller coaster ride of ups and downs that were her life through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and finally on into the new millennium. As Pat says, "The more work I do on the book the more it seems I have to do. It’s almost there and after this tour with Roger I’ll definitely be fine tweeking it and putting the finishing touches on it". It will certainly be an interesting and inspiring read.


Pat at WisleyMany opportunities to perform as a solo artist presented themselves in 2004. The first of these was the Ultimate Divas concert with the BBC Big  Band. Pat, Madeline  Bell and Ruby Turner performed to a sell-out audience at Wisley Gardens, Surrey. Sister Are Doing ItThis was later repeated with Pat, Madeline Bell and Sheila Ferguson at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. Both concerts were very well received and reviewed and there was much talk of a tour. Unfortunately, due to the high costs involved, this did not materialise at the time, but, who knows, may well be considered at a future date.

Planta Baja w/The Teenagers 2004 was also the year Pat was able to perform a 2 hour set of all her 60’s classics plus a few of her favourite Soul numbers. She was approached by Rob Bailey of The Untouchables to headline 2 Mod festivals, the Euroeye Festival in Gijon, Spain and The International Modernist Meeting in Margate. As Pat did not have Alfredo In Action a band of her own Rob suggested she meet up with a Pat and The Teenagers young Mod band The Teenagers who were based in Granada not far from Pat’s home. The band impressed Pat with their knowledge of her material and their playing of Everything’s Gonna Be Alright and Speak To Me. Rehearsals began and the set was finalised. They ended up   playing 2 gigs at The Planta Baja in Granada, the Euroeye Festival, the International Modernist Meeting and The New Untouchables 10th Anniversary Celebration gig at The Rocket in London later in the year. Margate PosterAll of these gigs were very well received and brought Pat’s music to both her original fans, and a new generation of Mods.

Naturally, as a solo artist, Pat wished to perform her newer material as well as her 60’s classics . Aware that she needed her new music to present to agents and promoters she busied herself with completing recording projects with Chaz Jankel and Tony Remy.


Following the In The Flesh world tour of 2002 as part of Roger Waters’ band Pat enjoyed a few months well deserved rest. During this time she was approached by Onstage with The Manfreds The Manfreds agent, Derek Franks, about joining The Manfreds Maximum RnB Tour scheduled for Autumn 2003. She would be joining The Manfreds, Alan Price and Colin Blunstone for a 40 date tour performing 3 of her own songs and a duet with Paul Jones. Manfred Mann himself was no longer associated with the band but Paul Jones, Mike D’Abo and Mike Hugg had reformed the band in recent years along with Tom McGuiness, Marcus Cliff and Rob Townsend and were renowned for their live tours. Pat and Paul Jones were old friends and had gigged together many times during the 60’s with Alexis Korner. Manfreds Poster Mike D’Abo was also an old mate so the opportunity to tour, as a solo artist, with them both was too good to miss. Pat performed her hits First Cut is The Deepest and Angel Of The Morning. She also sang, for the first time "live", the self-penned Am I Still Dreaming which was produced by Mick Jagger for her First Lady Of Immediate album. The duet with Paul Jones was the Ike and Tina Turner classic I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine, and many fans saw this as the highlight of the show. The tour turned out to be a huge success not only delighting Pat’s existing fans, but also introducing her vocal talents to many new admirers.


A large part of 2002 was spent touring the world with Roger Waters In The Flesh tour. Having toured with Roger before Pat was now a firm favourite with his many fans as the following comments confirm:-

 CAPETOWN: The Velodrome cooked in more ways than one! Indoors, in the middle of a heatwave where the sun's still up at 8pm.The band handed out heat of their own along with nicotine and dope smoke.Oh man, if only I knew 'twas P.P. Arnold from "Kafunta" fame in the backing line-up. The best version of "Eleanor Rigby" I've heard and the original "Angel of the Morning". An Ikette with Ike & Tina Turner looking, and sounding, like a 20 year old!

MoscowCAPETOWN: Setlist was same as rehearsal setlist, except they did flickering flame, instead of each small candle, as encore... stadium was packed to capacity, band looked like they enjoyed, no noticeable technical hitches except roger's mike a bit low on another brick. PP Arnold was awesome! goosebumps.

CAPETOWN: And then the absolute peak of the show (for me) was "Perfect Sense(part 1+2)". PP Arnold did her first big solo of the evening and shejust blew our socks off. This woman can sing! And Perfect Sense is such a good song that everybody got rocking and singing along. Did I sing along? All I can say, is my throat hurt after this song!

CAPETOWN: The lead guitar/vocals was supreme, as was P P Arnold, the female backing singer, with one of the sweetest voices around.

CAPETOWN: The star of the show for me was the amazing vocals of PP Arnold during Perfect Sense.

JOHANESBERG: The lead guitar/vocals was supreme, as was P P Arnold, the female backing singer, with one of the sweetest voices around. And the lone sax player, Norbert Stachel kept the crowd mesmerised

JOHANESBERG: The girls were brilliant and of course the solo by PP Arnold in Perfect Sense was every bit as good as the albums and DVD project her to be.

JOHANESBERG: The star of the show again for me was the amazing vocals of PP Arnold during Perfect Sense.

CHILE: More glowing was the participation of P.P. Arnold (as always, this woman is just incredible)ITF

VENZUELA: PP and the rest of the girls did an OUTSTANDING job, and I don´t think I´ll ever forget PP´s performance in Perfect Sense (I saw Roger in Toronto in 1999 so I knew what was coming, but I must admit that her voice range is just unbelievable....... when the song was over, everyone was on their feet giving PP a very, very well deserved standing ovation).

RIO: Perfect Sense 1 & 2 (I heard one guy saying: I came here only to listen PP ARNOLD singing , she is the best!),

SAO PAULO: "Perfect Sense part 1" (P P Arnold suprised everyone with her poweful voice),

CARACAS: PP and the rest of the girls did an OUTSTANDING job, and I don't think I'll ever forget PP's performance in Perfect Sense (I saw Roger in Toronto in 1999 so I knew what was coming, but I must admit that her voice range is just unbelievable....... when the song was over, everyone was on their feet giving PP a very, very well deserved standing ovation).

OSAKA: I must add here the crowd were very quiet I mean sometimes it was eerie. I paid particular attention to Chester and felt he handled the gig well. As usual PP Arnold was amazing on Perfect Sense, alas not enough to raise the atmosphere amongst the crowd, but I appreciated and stood up. Bad me!!!

SYDNEY: There were three standing ovations for Rog at the end and PP got one of her own - deservedly.

SYDNEY: Second half highlight (imo) - ‘Perfect Sense’. PP Arnold - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITFSYDNEY: PP Arnold sent shivers down my spine

SYDNEY: I didn't know she was touring with Roger W until the day after they playedin Sydney (6 April). One of my work mates told me about this "black chick"with a brilliant voice.

SYDNEY: The highlight for me was the set of 4 songs from Amused to Death with the backing singer PP Arnold doing a great job on the 2nd verse of Perfect Sense.

SYDNEY: But Perfect Sense was beautiful.... PP Arnold, singing her heart out with more feeling and emotion than heard on the studio Amused to Death album or the In the Flesh Live CD......what a voice.

SYDNEY: The band received a standing ovation and came back to perform Flickering Flame. PP Arnold received her own ovation which was deserved as was the whole band.

SYDNEY: Oh! and P.P Arnolds got one of the most gorgeouse voices I've heard. So strong!!

MELBOURNE: Another highlight was PP Arnold's vocals in Perfect Sense Part 1. For me, she certainly lived up to the expectations she set on "Amused to Death" and "In The Flesh" and undoubtedly deserved every accolade the Melbourne crowd thrust her way, of which after her solo I must have been the loudest.

MELBOURNE: Roger again referred to the fact that Australia was a long way to come (andLisbon believe me it is a bloody long way) so maybe the distance was having an effect on their performance - except PP Arnolds. Her bit in Perfect sense is SO good. Again she got the loudest and longest applause of the night. God knows how she does it but her solos made the hairs on my arms stand to attention. She also helps Rog out a lot of some of the other tracks. He would be lost without her. She is the only one he applauds other than giving Andy Fairweather-Low a hug at the end of the show.

BANGALORE: Like BB King, she's PP Arnold aka Patricia. In Bangalore, as back-up vocalist for the Roger Waters show, Arnold might be in the shadow of Waters, but the lady who arrived with Tina and Ike Turner in England is a star in her own right. After her stint with the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and the Stones' manager Oldham recorded her debut LP 'The First Lady Of Immediate,' which includes the Cat Stevens-written number The First Cut Is The Deepest. Arnold's other hits were 'The Time Has Come' and 'Angel In The Morning,' after which she appeared with the Bee Gees, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Young and other artists. Arnold's association with Waters dates back to the 60s when Pink Floyd was a raging phenomenon. ''Back then, I identified with his message,'' she says. But her working association with Waters began when he invited her to be part of the album -- Amused To Death, ''I don't think he could find any one else with a soul/R&B/gospel voice,'' says Arnold. She should know, having been with Waters on his third tour already. Arnold has been a musical artiste for theatre too. On the day of the concert, beating jetlag, she was all set to start her shopping trip. ''I'll shop till I drop. The silver looks good, the gold looks great. I'll shop till my budget runs out.'' (New India Press April 15th, 2002)

LEBANON: PP Arnold attracted cheers and applause like crazy when she sang in "Perfect Sense"...

LISBON (translation): But the true "hidden" star of the company, or better, of the band of Roger Waters, is the vocalista, PP Arnold, a great lady of soul British that mods of the decade of 60 in such a way loved.

LISBON: PP Arnold during perfect sense rally'd the crowd to near frenzy. I have seen and heard her many times and every new time is as fresh as the first, great voice.

LISBON: The ´Amused to Death´ tracks was amazing and stunning as always, PP Arnold amazes me every time.

LISBON: PP's performance was delightful in Perfect Sense

The GirlsMILAN: The applause for the three female singers when Rog introduced the band ran for 5 minutes, Roger had no choice but to wait for the noise to stop.

MILAN: P.P.Arnold is a legend!

MILAN: The biggest moment was of corse the never ending standing ovations for PP Arnold, after her solopart in "Amused to Death".

 ZURICH: The background ladies did a perfect job! PP Arnold's Perfect Sense part is just amazing and also were Katie Kissoon and Carol Kenyon!

ZURICH: Weren't you there, when the whole crowd went crazy after PP Arnold's solo in Perfect Sense?

ANTWERP: PP Arnold was great of course

ROTTERDAM: The songs from Roger's solo career were also very good, especially "Perfect Sense" with a solo from PP Arnold. She's great, really great.

ROTTERDAM: ….PP Arnold as per usual was fantastic and the crowd loved her solo moments

KOLN: I have to mention PP this woman is surely an angel certainly an angels voice…..The crowd were ecstatic as she hit the high notes and as Cant you see it all makes perfect sense roared from Roger's mouth the crowd every single one of them rose to their feet

KOLN: The highlights were in my view the performances of Pigs On The Wing, Dogs, Welcome ToGlastonbury The Machine (with the original backdrop film) and above all Perfect Sense Part 2. This song was the killer with P.P. Arnold at her best!

HANOVER: The voice of P.P. Arnold made me ready to die. All in all, it was a wonderful evening with many shivers up and down my spine.


OSLO: PP Arnold sang terrifically on "Perfect Sense",

COPENHAGEN: This was by far the best ITF gig I have seen - brilliant and PP's Perfect Sense was sublime. She just gets better and better and better. By Wembley she will be blowing the roof off. I also love the fact that she gets the biggest ovation of the whole show. Go to the show just for this bit - you won't regret it. Truly an angel's voice.

COPENHAGEN: The band then left for the show and I took the opportunity to thank PP for her amazing bit in Perfect Sense. Not only does she have the voice of an angel but a smile to match

FRANKFURT: The 3 backup singers Katie Kissoon, P.P. Arnold and Carol Kenyan were not only a highlight in their physical appearances, but also musically. The global anthem of P.P. Arnold in Perfect Sense part 2 was dominated by her with a sheer incredible voice.

WARSAW: As for the rest of the band I must say that the backing singers left a huge impression on me (especially PP, who was wonderful in Perfect Sense).

BERLIN: Roger’s three background singers are amazing beautiful and have wonderful voices (remember PP Arnold’s solo during "Perfect Sense").

PRAUGE: PP excelled again and again, as did all the backing singers today.

PRAUGE: For me the best was Perfect Sense with beautiful vocal of PP Arnold (it was sweet when Roger started to clap her)

ROME: The ATD set was awesome, PP was outstanding in Perfect Sense

WEISEN: Those three girls did their part very well, PP Arnold, sure she knew everything!

WembleyBUDAPEST: Then finally during 'Mother' I could start to deal with other things ... to watch the other musicans, Andy and Snowy White and PP Arnold of course (oh my god, she has a wonderfull voice).

BIRMINGHAM: A stirring, powerful and climatic "Perfect Sense" went down a treat. It was enhanced by PP Arnold, who received a rapturous ovation for her part in this anthemic epic.

MANCHESTER: During "Perfect Sense" the whole half of the arena leapt out of their seats mid-song to give PP Arnold the applause she so richly deserves.

MANCHESTER: We then got 'Perfect Sense' with the whole crowd cheering. When PP Arnold, another one of my favourite singers did her solo verses, the band had to stop playing for a minute, such was the response to PP Arnold from the people of Manchester, where she is greatly loved.

MANCHESTER: After PP Arnold’s solo in Perfect Sense the crowd were almost hysterical.

MANCHESTER: I thought the best song the band did was Perfect Sense parts 1+2. It was amazing everyone singing along with PP Arnold and seeing Roger wave his arms about and strut up and down the stage. Everyone joined in. It was an amazing feeling.

 DUBLIN: At the Dublin show the security guys at the front spent all show looking at the crowd (as they should) but when PP started her bit in Perfect Sense they ALL stopped what they were doing and turned and watched her do her bit - it was really funny to watch and goes again to prove that she is an incredibly talented singer appreciated by everyone

DUBLIN: PP Arnold is a great singer, and on the DVD, is probably her best performance of this song. I was too busy singing the lyrics myself to notice how well she did!

WEMBLEY: Fantastic concert. Absolutely loved PP Arnold.

WEMBLEY: "Perfect Sense 1 and 2" (PP Arnold was unbelievable).

WEMBLEY: Perfect Sense - PP Arnold deserves a medal, she's beautiful and passionate. This was her moment and there's no disappointment. As she took off, we were treated to some more fabulous strobe displays. Roger also did his 'Up Periscope' playacting and the exploding oil-rig added some poignant power. The Global Anthem was sung with considerable gusto by the audience. Another surprising highlight. But it was PP Arnold's triumph.Bravery Of Being Out Of Range - in comparison with what we had just had, this was pedestrian. But no complaint about everyone mucking in. It's just that after the drama and beauty of hearing and seeing PP take off, whatever came next would pall! Still, she gave us more in the last verse and we were once more on our feet!

WEMBLEY: I did make it however ,as a guest of Pat Arnolds, to the last date of the RogerTsunami Appeal Waters tour at Wembley last night. PP herself was just magical as she always is. The band were very professional and slick but I thought the whole thing (apart from PP) lacked soul. It was great to meet up again afterwards with the likes of Pat herself, her son, Andy Fairweather Lowe and legendary Small Faces photographer Gered Mankowitz. A very late night but well worth it.

WEMBLEY: Huge applause for everyone, particularly PP and Andy.

WEMBLEY: PP Arnold has never sounded so impassioned and vibrant. She's the finest singer we have around and it's a pleasure to know Roger thinks so highly of her. If he can't get PP, he gets no one

FINALLY: So - the In The Flesh tour is over. I just hope that PP does some more gigs - I'd love to hear her on her own. Just like to take this opportunity to thank PP for her performances throughout the In The Flesh tour. I heard nothing but compliments about her wherever I went.


Pat played 2 gigs with Chip Taylor after recording a duet with him.With Chip Taylor The track Temptation was released as a single and also features on his Black and Blue America album.

The 2001 Small Faces Convention held at the Ruskin Arms saw Pat play a set of her new material. She was accompanied by Tony Remy, guitar and Debra Lewis-Brown, backing vocals. This set of previously unheard material was very enthusiastically received.




Pat toured as part of Roger Waters' band and received high praise from the fans:-

Proceeding on to Perfect Sense. The whole tempo of the show is slowed down during Part 1, then PPArnold starts in with Part 2. This woman has such an amazing range in her voice. Her voice made the hairs on my arm stand on end

Then came Perfect Sense, one of my favorites off of ATD. Great live performance. The lady singerPerfect Sense was incredible.

Perfect Sense I and II, came off to me as very powerful, particularly because of the back-up singers incredibly crisp and virtually perfect part in the piece

The Three vocalists were exceptional, especially P.P. Arnold. Her delivery on Perfect Sense Part 1 was top notch. Overall Grade A

. It was obvious that not a lot of people knew this material intimately, like us, and I sang along with P.P. Arnold on Perfect Sense part I and was in heaven. Was anyone not moved as she sang her heart out?..."and they gave him command, of a nuclear submarine, and sent him out, in search of the Gaarrden of Eeeeeddeeeeeeeeeen......". Wow. A definite highlight.


By this time Rog got into Perfect Sense I + II, and again I was moved to tears with P.P. Arnold's solo.

P.P. Arnold's voice is HUGE! So much volume, power and control. What an incredible singer that woman is!

Oh well, what the hell... PP Arnold blows me away during Perfect Sense Part I. I am sitting in the 2nd row directly below her and my eardrums will never be the same. Heh heh heh, PP rules. (Nashville)

In The FleshBack up singer P.P. Arnold's vocal was especially intense in her solo earning her a rapturous applause ... a great song!!

As I said earlier the Amused to Death stuff was by far the highlight of this part of the show as people were singing along to What God Wants and Perfect Sense, both of which singer P.P. Arnold delivered breathtaking and inspiring vocals

If Mr. Gilmour is reading, please take note, this is what you have got to get your backup singers to sound like. P.P. Arnold's part blew the roof off the place and put even the best "Who-who" to shame.

Numbers from Waters most recent album, Amused To Death receiving their first airing on tour also came across well, particularly in Perfect Sense, where PP Arnold filled the arena with a vocal performance at least on a par with Clare Torryís stunning effort on The Great Gig In The Sky.

P.P. Arnold gave us a couple tastes of her incredible vocal talents. I couldn't have been the only one who tried to imagine her rendition of 'Great Gig in the Sky'.



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