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Never heard PP Arnold sing?


The following reviews and comments will give you an idea of what you've missed.




"...... The band however was a total revelation. A driving powerhouse of a rhythm section, whose fleet-footed sense of dynamics allowed them to add light and shade. Two superb backing singers, a lead guitarist from the Steve Cropper school of subtle lead fills, atmospheric keyboards and enthusiastic rhythm guitar support. With a back line this good Pat Arnold was Jazz Cafefree to take the "Cafe" by storm. Exuding a warmth and good humour she engaged the whole audience with her impassioned delivery and a stage presence, which eclipsed her diminutive size.

With half the band temporarily dismissed for her biggest hit "The First Cut Is The Deepest", the sparse backing served to accentuate the sheer raw power and expression of one of England's finest imports.

The sole problem, which may blight the horizon, is that a band this good will consume songs at a voracious rate; second-rate material will not be good enough. If the album can capitalise on several hit singles you can safely predict that not only is Pat back but will also reap the rewards due to such a major vocal talent. This band is teetering on the edge, if the album delivers then a feeding frenzy will ensue because everyone will want a piece of PP Arnold.

So while you can see PP Arnold in such an intimate venue as the Jazz Cafe; don't squander the opportunity - you will be sorry." PAUL BRADBEER



"P.P. Arnold's voice is HUGE! So much volume, power and control. What an incredible singer that woman is!"

"..... Again she got the loudest and longest applause of the night. God knows how she does it but her solos made the hairs on my arms stand to attention."

"PP Arnold during Perfect Sense rallied the crowd to near frenzy. I have seen and heard her many times and every new time is as fresh as the first, great voice."

"...... I have to mention PP, this woman is surely an angel certainly an angel’s voice. The crowd were ecstatic as she hit the high notes...... "Amused To Death

"...... PP's Perfect Sense was sublime. She just gets better and better and better. By Wembley she will be blowing the roof off. I also love the fact that she gets the biggest ovation of the whole show. Go to the show just for this bit - you won't regret it. Truly an angel's voice."                                                                       

"...... . During "Perfect Sense" the whole half of the arena leapt out of their seats mid-song to give PP Arnold the applause she so richly deserves. "

"...... "Perfect Sense" - PP Arnold deserves a medal, she's beautiful and passionate. This was her moment and there's no disappointment. As she took off, we were treated to some more fabulous strobe displays. Roger also did his 'Up Periscope' playacting and the exploding oil-rig added some poignant power. The Global Anthem was sung with considerable gusto by the audience. Another surprising highlight. But it was PP Arnold's triumph.

"Bravery Of Being Out Of Range" - in comparison with what we had just had, this was pedestrian. ...... It's just that after the drama and beauty of hearing and seeing PP take off, whatever came next would pall! Still, she gave us more in the last verse and we were once more on our feet!"

"...... PP Arnold has never sounded so impassioned and vibrant. She's the finest singer we have around and it's a pleasure to know Roger thinks so highly of her. If he can't get PP, he gets no one." 


P P Arnold stole the show, does she have a web site? Her duet with Paul should become a national treasure!!"And P.P.Arnold: a first hearing for me, but I hope it is not the last. A voice of incredible range and power, and what energy!" 

Soulful"...... But the high point of the whole show was P P Arnold, who was absolute dynamite - both powerful and moving. An absolute treat."

"...... If I had to pick one though it would be PP Arnold's "First Cut is the Deepest" which was one of the finest vocal performances I've ever heard. Literally spine-tingling!"

"...... PP Arnold brought tears to my eyes last night at Preston - "The First Cut" was breathtaking. "

"..... But it was Arnold who undoubtedly stole the show ........ she gave a first class example of Atlantic soul, belting out heart-stopping versions of "Angel Of The Morning" and "First Cut Is The Deepest", quite rightly dismissing her original as superior to later covers by Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow."

" ..... I'd only really gone to see PP Arnold, and she was indeed stunning - receiving the loudest and longest applause of the night."

"..... and then I heard the best "live" vocal performance I have ever heard anywhere in my life ( and yes, I had previously seen Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Randy Crawford "live", to name just a few)."



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