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 Just a note to thank you for the great performance you gave last night at the jazz festival. Your band was perfect , "Stay Now" was fantastic with great lyrics..... this must be your 2nd time in Malta you were here last year with Roger Waters, where you voice really made "Perfect Sense" Hope you enjoy your stay and thanks again for the great show !!! 


I would like to thank Ms PP Arnold for a wonderful show yesterday at the Malta Jazz & Rock Festival.  You are really one of a kind, one of a dying breed of performers, but I do hope you’ll be able to keep performing for many, many years to come.  I do hope to see you perform again here in Malta and I would like to wish you good luck with your new CD.


I was at the festival yesterday and Pat and the band were fantastic. Her voice shone through all the show and echoed round the beautiful Grand Harbour. Pat was very happy after the show!!!! She even played her oldies like Angel of The Morning and First Cut Is The Deepest. Beautiful show Pat!!! 


Fab gig in Leicester last night! I was moved from laughter to tears. Uplifting, inspiring, touching my very soul.Good work people, see you in London.


Easily the best set of the whole festival.


I've just left the Summer Sundae festival. The Dr Robert and PP Arnold set was absolutely blinding and by far the best performance at any festival this summer. Tracks from the new album will become future classics especially PP's heartrending "Stay Now" (I lost my mum too and this touched my heart and had me sobbing). The incredible band and the doctor's iconic guitar playing blew us away with both the new tracks and the blasts from the past, "Digging Your Scene" was as fresh as the day it was released and the classics such as "First Cut Is The Deepest" were the best we had ever heard them by any artist....We need more material from this amazing pair! I look forward to seeing them again at a future gig, let there be more.


...on Saturday Nina Ferro and PP Arnold + Dr Robert aswell ... great vibes...


PP Arnold too lived up to expectations, at least to those who, like myself have followed her music ever since she hit the big time with First Cut Is The Deepest some 40 years ago. She was utterly superb on her recent songs which include the gospel-tinged Be My Judge, as well as some other 1960s and 1970s songs which she did with thanks to a little help from a few friends, which include Mick Jagger and the late Steve Mariott of the Small Faces. PP Arnold and Dr Robert also expressed their satisfaction at performing in Malta, this being their first collaboration together. They have just recorded a new album entitled Five In The Afternoon and Malta was indeed honoured to have such fine talent.


The songs are simple, deep and rich and they're going to live with me for a long, long time.
The duo's voices blend together wonderfully. And while Dr Bob's voice lacks the purity of old (it's got deeper with time) it suits him since he's always been a mean and moody maestro!
As for PP's voice it's a marvel, it sounds as fresh and crystal pure as it did at the start of her career.
How great to hear her matching the haunting glory she reached on Nick Drake's Poor Boy, on this new album's title track; and then there's the beautiful blend of voices on the elegant Shape It For Me.
Ghost of Winter, a bright, rockin', bluesy number is another gem that took my immediate fancy.
The duo excel on the following track which enchanted me the moment I heard its swoonsome chorus.
Check out these lyrics (see below), the Doc hasn't lost his political edge, PP brought the best out of him methinks. Can't wait to see them perform together in Camden in September.

Be My Judge

I can see you
You walk alone
And in whose name do you carry on?

It's your mission
Your part to play
First we kill
Then later we pray

Then let God be my Judge (x3)

Justice comes in all shades of red
Some things they're better left unsaid
Caged and tortured
And made to confess
They say we're gonna fix this mess

Then let God be my Judge (x3)

Dusty roads speak of all they've seen
And there's no one whose hands are clean
When it's over just cut and run
And be glad that His work is done

Then let God by my Judge


Who could not be moved by PP Arnold on the beautiful “Stay Now” or deny Roberts sassy guitar on “Nothin’ But Love”. Simple songs of freedom. ...



Dr Robert & PP Arnold
Five In The Afternoon

Recorded in the Andalusian port of Montil.
Ex-Brand New Heavy Marco Nelson guests.

They met at a party inthe mountains near Grananda,
Spain. Robert Howard, former lead singer with The Blow
Monkeys and a singer-songwriter since 1994, was playing
Curtis Mayfield spirituals on acoustic guitar. Fellow
reveller Pat Arnold, ex-Ikette and Immediate soul siren,
joined in. Soon the pair were reinterpreting PP's 1967 hit
The First Cut Is The Deepest and promising to work together
 in the studio.They kept their word and the 10 Howard-penned songs
thatresulted are beautiful sunkissed, folk-influenced soul
strummings, with hints of country too. PP's voice is captivating
throughout: emotive, passionate, puissant,whether pleading
her case on rousing ballad Stay Now, paying tribute to
Spanish dramatist and poet Federico Garcia Lorca on the jazzy
title track or giving praise on the gospel-infused Satellite.
                                                                             Lois Wilson


(JAZZ CAFE) .... blinding night, with Pat belting out the songs, what a voice. Not over familiar with the new album (on order) but she did Groovy, Angel Of The Morning, First Cut etc... and got a rousing cheer. Robert is a great performer and did Grace, Diggin Your Scene, Doesn't Have To Be That Way. Plenty of Faces in the crowd, Marco Nelson, Jako Peake, Mick Talbot,Rhoda Dakar and Paolo Hewitt and Martin Freeman DJing. Very healthy crowd in, really enjoyed it. 


I've just returned from Camden's Jazz Cafe where, along with my great brother, Michael, we had the pleasure of watching Dr Robert and PP Arnold in concert on Wednesday night.
It was a lovely evening, a joy to see such fine artists blending so well.
The duo played some tracks from their excellent new album Five in the Afternoon, as well as some gems from their respective solo careers.
Both singers were in great voice. Dr Robert, sporting a very fine quiff, belted out some fabulous versions of old Blow Monkeys' songs Digging Your Scene and It Doesn't Have To Be This Way, the latter seguing into (Celebrate) The Day After You. He also did a tremendous version of The Coming of Grace, from his solo, Realms of Gold album.
As for the vivacious PP, well I'm not exaggerating when I write that hearing her sing in concert for the first time felt like an honour. Her voice is staggeringly powerful, haunting and beautiful
Highlights for me included Angel of the Morning and Stay Now, a very emotional song about loss from the new album. It was simply awesome.
The songs from Five in the Afternoon sounded excellent, to my mind last night's renditions of Nothin' But Love and What Am I To Do? are much better than the recorded versions.
Be My Judge, which Robert said was inspired by Tony Blair's "sick" view that God will judge whether the invasion of Iraq was right, was very powerful, Shape It For Me, lush and cool indeed.
The duo's band were excellent and special mention should go to the keyboard player. I don't know his name (sorry) but I do know his playing was fantastic. He really filled out and empowered Nothin' But Love and his contribution to the album's title track was tremendous.
My brother said that last night's version of Five in the Afternoon wouldn't sound out of place in a Bond film, which I thought was spot on, it did have a wonderful cinematic quality to it. That's the great thing about gigs isn't it, you can hear new dimensions to some songs.
I hope PP and the Doc tour this album extensively, visiting Wales in the process. I'd also love to see PP do a Reload, that is collaborate with some contemporary artists, like Tom Jones did a few years ago. Just a suggestion.

  ....take a listen to Mark Lamarr's show from this morning. He had PP Arnold and Dr Robert in session. Fantastic! Hearing her sing "First Cut is The Deepest" sent shivers down my spine.



Dr Robert & PP Arnold, Jazz Café, London 

Published: 25 September 2007

By Pierre Perrone

In the mid-Sixties, PP Arnold came to Britain with The Ike & Tina Turner Revue and left The Ikettes to become the First Lady of Immediate, the label set up by the Rolling Stones Svengali Andrew Loog Oldham. She worked with the Small Faces and The Nice, recorded the definitive version of Cat Stevens's "The First Cut Is the Deepest" and the Chip Taylor composition "Angel of the Morning", but hasn't managed a second act on a par with Tina Turner's stellar Eighties comeback. She's kept busy, though, most notably as guest vocalist with dance acts Beatmasters and Altern 8, and was most recently seen touring as backing singer with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame.

Robert Howard shone briefly in the mid-Eighties as the frontman with the gospel-influenced Blow Monkeys and was a thorn in Margaret Thatcher's side with the album She Was Only a Grocer's Daughter. He's worked with Paul Weller, is as much a soul fan as the Modfather, and has form indeed, having recorded with Kym Mazelle and the late Curtis Mayfield.

His collaboration with Arnold came about when both met at a party in Spain, where they both live, and made good their promise to work together. Their first London show as a duo is to introduce Five in the Afternoon, the album they recorded near Granada.

They perform the first five tracks in the same order as on the album, easing their way in with the gentle sway of "Nothing But Love" and trading lines throughout "Be My Judge" and "What Am I Gonna Do?". The magic really starts to work on the deceptively languid title track as the crack backing band build a Norman Whitfield-like groove, while Dr Robert plays jazzy guitar licks and Arnold caresses the vocal.

She tears it up when they go back to her Sixties catalogue for "Angel of the Morning" and "Though it Hurts Me Badly", the song Mick Jagger produced for her. Dr Robert has his moment in the spotlight with "The Coming of Grace" and "Digging Your Scene". He must be commended for not taking the Eighties package tour route. He's matured as a songwriter and addresses the passage of time and the passing of loved ones on "Shape It for Me" and "Stay Now". He can't help kicking at the corpse of Thatcherism with "(Celebrate) the Day After You", the single he recorded with Mayfield that was banned by the BBC in 1987.

Arnold has the voice of a soul diva and plenty of grace. Her partnership with Dr Robert more than fulfils its potential. Class is indeed permanent.


With ex-Blow Monkey Dr Robert, PP Arnold promoted their recent collaboration album, 'Five In The Afternoon'. She took the stage to a huge cheer and looked and sounded amazing; her voice beautifully, poignantly soulful. The new tracks, including the country tinged soul of the title cut, Careless Blues, Shape It For Me and What Am I To Do, are captivating. But when the artists revisited their pasts they really peaked.
PP Arnold delivered an emotive Though It Hurts Me Badly, her first self penned composition, which dealt with her relationship with Mick Jagger. Her 60s hits Angel Of The Morning and The First Cut Is The Deepest were awesome. Dr Robert similarly shone on Coming Of Grace and the Blow Monkeys Diggin' Your Scene. The encore, a rousing rendition of PP's (If You Think You're) Groovy leaves us in no doubt she's still the first lady.
PP Arnold has been a dear friend of mine for many years and is a very talented singer and hugely inspirational woman. You may know her for being one of the Ikettes with the Ike and Tina Turner review, or for her solo hits such as "The first cut is the deepest" and "Angel of the morning" or more recently for being a member of the Roger Waters band, just one of the many fantastic bands she has played with over the years.
Her latest collaboration here with Dr Robert is just one of her many many collaboratons over the years with great artists.
I was recently invited to see them play at the Jazz café in Camden: pure magic! The atmosphere was absolutely electric!

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