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PP Arnold/Dr Robert - Audience Reactions
Fab gig in Leicester last night! I was moved from laughter to tears. Uplifting, inspiring, touching my very soul. Good work people, see you in London.

I've just left the Summer Sundae festival. The Dr Robert and PP Arnold set was absolutely blinding and by far the best performance at any festival this summer. Tracks from the new album will become future classics especially PP's heart-rending "Stay Now" (I lost my mum too and this touched my heart and had me sobbing). The incredible band and the doctor's iconic guitar playing blew us away with both the new tracks and the blasts from the past, "Digging Your Scene" was as fresh as the day it was released and the classics such as "First Cut Is The Deepest" were the best we had ever heard them by any artist....We need more material from this amazing pair! I look forward to seeing them again at a future gig, let there be more

...on Saturday Nina Ferro and PP Arnold + Dr Robert as well ... great vibes... 

PP Arnold too lived up to expectations, at least to those who, like myself have followed her music ever since she hit the big time with First Cut Is The Deepest some 40 years ago. She was utterly superb on her recent songs which include the gospel-tinged Be My Judge, as well as some other 1960s and 1970s songs which she did with thanks to a little help from a few friends, which include Mick Jagger and the late Steve Marriott of the Small Faces. PP Arnold and Dr Robert also expressed their satisfaction at performing in Malta, this being their first collaboration together. They have just recorded a new album entitled Five In The Afternoon and Malta was indeed honoured to have such fine talent. 

The songs are simple, deep and rich and they're going to live with me for a long, long time.
The duo's voices blend together wonderfully. And while Dr Bob's voice lacks the purity of old (it's got deeper with time) it suits him since he's always been a mean and moody maestro!
As for PP's voice it's a marvel, it sounds as fresh and crystal pure as it did at the start of her career. 
How great to hear her matching the haunting glory she reached on Nick Drake's Poor Boy, on this new album's title track; and then there's the beautiful blend of voices on the elegant Shape It For Me.  Ghost of Winter, a bright, rockin', bluesy number is another gem that took my immediate fancy.
The duo excel on the following track which enchanted me the moment I heard its swoon-some chorus.
..... the Doc hasn't lost his political edge, PP brought the best out of him methinks. Can't wait to see them perform together in Camden in September.

Just a note to thank you for the great performance you gave last night at the jazz festival. your band was perfect , "stay now" was fantastic with great lyrics. I'm looking forward to buy your new album .the only disappointment I had was because iIcould not get hold of your set list after your great show. This must be your 2nd time in Malta you were here last year with Roger Waters, where you voice really made "perfect sense" .Hope you enjoy your stay and thanks again for the great show !!!   

I would like to thank Ms PP Arnold for a wonderful show yesterday at the Malta Jazz & Rock Festival.  You are really one of a kind, one of a dying breed of performers, but I do hope you’ll be able to keep performing for many, many years to come.  I do hope to see you perform again here in Malta and I would like to wish you good luck with your new CD.

 I was at the festival yesterday and Pat and the band were fantastic Her voice shone through all the show and echoed round the beautiful Grand Harbour. Pat was very happy after the show!!!! She even played her oldies like of The Morning and Cut Is The Deepest. Beautiful show Pat!!!


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